Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The future of this blog.

I'm still new to all of this, so I'm not sure if the third post is quite the right time to be having an existential crisis about this whole thing. I am going to be honest here and tell you all I do not have the knowledge or funds to make this a good airsoft blog. Nor do I know how much of this blog will even be about Airsoft. I originally thought this up back in October, and planned to blog about my life in college in general, with most of the focus being on airsoft. Hell, even just some of the stories of the shenanigans I've gotten into with the local Airsoft group would probably be enough to keep this place full of fresh material weekly. 

I wasn't kidding about the shenanigans.

 But how entertaining would that be? Do I owe it to the people that come here to talk about the topic at hand, fumbling through professional sounding review about guns I've never taken apart, let alone held, or do I make it a lot more personal, a more rookie view into the whole sport? I think I'll take the latter, and try to give the internet as a whole a newbie/intermediate player's opinion and experience with Airsoft. I've played with and against professional teams from all across Central Florida, and I've played pickup games in the local fields. I'm not going to pretend I have a serious clue about what I'm doing, but I guess thats part of the fun of playing; Going out there and just winging it. I'll let that philosophy be the muse for this blog from now on, and here's hoping you guys (and many more) stay tuned for it.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

First actual post. Hooray!

So as the titular title states, I'll be talking about airsoft, so I guess I should get onto that, shouldn't I? I was lucky enough to attend a college (Embry Riddle Aeronautical University) that not only was great for my major, but had a lot of friendly people who ended up getting me into the hobby that I enjoy now. I've had a couple months of experience with airsoft, and the biggest lesson I could come away with it, is that you usually get what you pay for. In a community where self improvements and modding is so common, buying a good base gun is very important. In January I traded up from my old springer rifle (springer being the term to describe a gun that has to be manually cocked back before firing, every time) to an A&K M60. 

Baller status

It performed beautifully out of the box, but as my skateboarding and long boarding friends would agree, half of the fun is upgrading it. Without getting too technical (I'll save that for later posts) I upgraded the barrel, battery, and spring, so it shoots more accurately, faster, and harder. All in all, the gun and upgrades cost me Four hundred dollars. Sound pretty steep, but in airsoft, thats a mid range price, and very good to upgrade a light machine gun to almost professional standards. 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

So where to start...

I've always wanted to start a blog, but never had any idea on
1. What to do it on, or
2. If anyone would even read it
But that hasn't stopped anyone else so onward with the experiment. Just to get it out there, thats what this is. I'm just trying to see if the whole blog thing is something I'd like to continue with more than a week or so. As for the title, I can only blog what I know, and the two things I know that aren't completely boring are College, and Airsoft, so that'll be the subject round these parts.